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General Fruit S.r.l. Administration, with the firm will to constantly improve its own quality standards, asks for the cooperation of all its employees in order to implement in their organisation a modern managment of the Quality department, implementing the aims and fundamental principles of all the certification schemes that they have decided to follow and to comply with the current regulations applicable, to ensure quality, legalty and safety of the manufactured products (food and cosmetic).

The Administration’s aims, achivable with the implementation of a quality and safety system, are:

To achieve these aims, the Administration applies the following regulations and processing methods, committing to:

In the addition to the above-mentioned, the Administration sets the following goals, through a cosmetic quality and safety policy:


These goals can be achieved by following these actions:

The exent of these goals requires the utmost support from the Company Administration, but also the involment and collaboration of their personnel, to pursue the Company’s and employees’ growth and improvement.

It is Administration’s responsability to ensure that this policy is communicated, understood and applied on all levels of the organization and that it is made available to all the relevant parties.

Date: 15/09/2023