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1. Introduction

This Code expresses the so-called ethical principles, i.e. the set of values to which all company representatives, be they directors, collaborators or employees, are inspired in carrying out their activities and on which business relationships with third parties are based.
General Fruit Srl attributes a central role to people, who every day, thanks to their concrete commitment, contribute to the growth of the company which protects and guarantees their rights at work, also promoting their safety and psychophysical integrity.
General Fruit Srl starts from the assumption that in carrying out its business, ethics are the key to success as well as corporate assets.

2. Scope

This Code applies to all those who operate on behalf and in the interest of the company on a continuous or temporary basis.
The principles contained in this Code constitute an integral part of the employment contracts entered into in compliance with art. 2104 of the Italian Civil Code and operate in compliance with current legal provisions.

3. Ethical Principles

3.1 Equality. All recipients of this Code are required to respect the principle of equality, meaning equal social dignity of everyone regardless of sex, race, political opinions and religious and sexual orientations, operating according to the principle of non-discrimination.

3.2 Lawfulness. In exercising their functions, all recipients are required to operate in compliance with the Italian Constitution, national laws and regulations operating in the European Community as well as in the countries in which General Fruit Srl operates or will operate.

3.3 Integrity. Each recipient must be inspired by honesty and transparency, repudiating illicit or otherwise misleading and deceptive conduct with respect to the position and role held, also carrying out their role with the diligence required by the performance, the company or the national interest, as required the current Italian civil code.

3.4 Fairness and Good Faith. General Fruit Srl bases its conduct on the principles of fairness and good faith, considering only loyal and honest actions, also committing itself not to commit illicit or immoral acts in carrying out any function or role.

3.5 Confidentiality and privacy. As data controller of the personal data of the recipients of this code, General Fruit Srl undertakes and guarantees that such data will be processed and managed in compliance with current legislation, only by persons authorised by it and that respect its confidentiality.

4. Human Resources

4.1 Selection and development of human resources

When selecting its personnel, General Fruit Srl follows criteria of competence and professional experience for senior figures, as well as on merit, and with a focus on potential individual development in the case of junior figures.
In the selection process of female candidates, no direct checks are carried out to verify if they are pregnant.

General Fruit Srl is committed to involving its employees and collaborators in professional development paths aimed at increasing their professionalism.
The company aims at ensuring that its employees and collaborators operate in a healthy and harmonious working environment, in order to allow them to easily achieve their results. Therefore, the company prohibits any form of harassment, be it psychological, physical or sexual, as well as mobbing.

4.2 Free choice of employment

The company refrains from using or supporting forced or compulsory labour.

Workers are not required to deposit money in any way.
During the hiring / start of collaboration phase, the company only verifies and keeps a copy of the identity documents without retaining the originals.
Employees and collaborators are free to leave work at the end of the shift. In the event of leaving earlier, they are free to leave the company by giving reasonable notice to the human resources office.
There are no video surveillance and/or recording systems within the company for the purpose of direct or indirect control over the activities of employees and collaborators.
The company has posted the applied National Collective Labour Agreement - Alimentari Industria - in a place accessible to all employees and offers an employee reception service at the personnel office, in order to provide clarifications on contracts, salary and anything that concerns personnel.

4.3 Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining

General Fruit Srl respects the freedom of association of workers and their right to collective bargaining by maintaining a favourable conduct towards trade union activities without implementing any discrimination towards the subjects who are involved in such activities.

4.4 Safe and hygienic working conditions

General Fruit Srl guarantees the healthiness of the working environment by also adopting effective measures to prevent injuries and accidents that may cause damage to the health and safety of workers.
The company has also appointed a safety manager who ensures that all safety standards are achieved and complied with.

The company ensures that all personnel receive adequate training on health and safety in the workplace and this also applies in the case of assignment to new tasks.
The company has first aid kits if employees cause cuts, injuries or bruises; guarantees access to clean toilets and access to drinking water.

4.5 Prohibition to exploit child labour

General Fruit srl complies with the ILO Convention of 1973 and 1999 respectively on the minimum age for employment and on the prohibition of the worst forms of child labour. The company refrains from using or encouraging child labour.

It is critically important that companies develop policies and programmes that allow any child found performing child labour to participate in a quality education until they are no longer children.
Young workers under 18 years of age must not be employed at night or assigned to heavy and dangerous tasks.

4.6 Individual negotiation

The company does not tolerate undeclared work in any way and all employees are hired only and exclusively through employment contracts.
All individual employment contracts bear the signature of the worker who demonstrates knowledge of their contents.

The company complies with the regulations on working hours, overtime and daily, weekly, monthly and annual rest periods, recognizing the right to fair remuneration in compliance with the provisions of the law and contract and in consideration of the fact that they must be sufficient to guarantee a dignified existence.

Through the preparation and release of the Single Employment Ledger, the worker is made aware of the payment of the entire amount of their monthly fees on a regular basis.

Nonetheless, the worker is free to terminate the employment relationship without suffering any repercussions.
Any salary withholdings as a disciplinary sanction can only be carried out in compliance with current legislation by paying the amount withheld into the specific fund established at INPS (Italian National Institute for Social Security).

REFERENCE REGULATION: Legislative Decree 231/2001