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Founded in 1988, General Fruit is the natural evolution of the individual firm "Lochis Liqueurs and Syrups". Quotas of share capital are still wholly owned by Lochis family. Thanks to a thirty-year experience, the company has radically transformed the original asset, by passing from the production of liquors to fruit-based products (syrups, juice concentrates, bases for cocktails, tea concentrates), lemon juice 100% concentrate, toppings and preparations for soft drinks, well as a wide range of complementary products.

General Fruit has always focused on quality, not only for its products, leader on the market. It is a quest at 360°, which means research, continuous innovation, investments, selection of suppliers and raw materials, customer care, attention to market trends and changes in consumer tastes to anticipate new trends.

The distribution organization
Through 11 Representative Agencies (30 Agents), General Fruit distributes its products in the following channels:
- CATERING (60%)
- BEVERAGE (25%)
- G.D. & D.O. (15%)

Private Label
In General Fruit we have developed over the years a range of private label products enjoying the confidence of leading companies, both domestic and foreign - pushing us further and studying "tailor-made" recipes according to the customer's specifications.